Big Town Players

Big Town Players

The Big Town Players are a harp/guitar-driven old school Rhythm and Blues band with a 90% original repertoire, and have been playing around town for nearly 3 years. Their blues covers range from Taj Mahal to The Red Devils. Featuring local stalwarts Howie Smallman, Phil Bradley, Pete Lisiewich and Phil Riseborough, the band boasts 4 vocalists and has been wowing audiences at the Perth Blues Club and other local haunts with their energetic, spirited performances. Sporting a weighty, traditional style old-school sound with a new-school approach to songs and song writing, the Big Town Players promise to be a wild card on the local scene. The band has recently recordied its debut album.

Howie has played at the Festival of Adelaide; Blues at Bridgetown in Lee Sappho & e Body & Fender Band; as well as Bridgetown in other outfits including The Hips. Phil Riseborough has played Bridgetown with The Hips, and Phil Bradley has played Bridgetown as a solo act.

In 2017 The Big Town Players appeared as guests of The Perth Blues Club, playing a resounding set that had the punters dancing from the first number.


Perth – Western Australia, Australia


Big Town Players

Phil Bradley – guitar, vocals
Pete Lisiewich – bass, vocals
Phil Riseborough – drums, vocals
Howie Smallman – blues Harp, vocals