Black Rabbit George

Black Rabbit George

Black Rabbit George is a new incarnation for Tijuana Cartel’s guitarist/singer/songwriter Paul George. It’s an opportunity for Paul to further explore the acoustic guitar that is at the heart of Tijuana Cartel and to pursue his long-time interest in folk and roots music.

From the wellspring of childish fantasy and a lifetime of musical evolution emerges the Black Rabbit.

This is the story-telling talent of Paul A George, the musician whose guitar drives the unique sounds of Tijuana Cartel, one of the tightest and most sought-after bands on the Australian festival circuit. If Tijuana Cartel ever lacked anything for its guitarist and vocalist, then it was the open door to a subconscious demand to tell stories – any stories – with the strings of a guitar and the words of a born storyteller. Black Rabbit George is the culmination of a need that could not be resisted forever.

“Tijuana Cartel remains a core driving force in my life and I’d never want to leave it behind,” says the Black Rabbit. “But at the same time I want to follow a path that embraces the great loves in my life: my guitar and the wealth of stories that life simply places in your way.”

Indeed, the Black Rabbit’s first solo track, Muse, is a melodic and emotional ode to his first great love: his guitar – and the guitar has remained a passion with him ever since, through a lifetime of highs and lows, triumphs and failures that drive the stories of all our lives. The Black Rabbit mines these experiences with a guitar that threads itself into every line of every lyric, paying homage as it goes to the great folk storytellers and the great folk musicians.

“Folk music has been with us since the first human learned to sing and play and tell their story – and I’m doing no more than continuing the tradition.”

So why the ‘Black Rabbit’?

Well, in Richard Adam’s book, Watership Down, the Black Rabbit is the grim reaper of the rabbit world, the bridge between life and death – and for a young and budding musician, it marked a first awakening to the idea that life, for all its joys and tribulations, is always a journey that takes us from birth to death.

“I think that my songs are about that journey,” says the musician Black Rabbit. “It’s not something I try to do, it’s simply something that simply emerges when I write.”

The Black Rabbit remains faithful to the folk tradition but he stamps it with a distinct personality and musical style that is all his own.





Paul George – guitar, vocals