In the wake of recording three EP’s leading to an album ‘Sunset Suburbia’, Diesel will hit the road once again with his three piece ‘power house’, showcasing songs from the three EP’s as well as hits and favorites that span 30 years of music making.

Diesel says, “I’ve really enjoyed doing it this way as it elongates the recording process, allowing for each EP to take on a uniqueness. I’ve always been a bit bummed when getting to the end of making a record and this in a way delays gratification, making three “mini albums” on the way to an LP. I’m also really excited at the prospect of 10” vinyl and cassette as well as streaming as these physical items stand to compliment the tour”.

Be sure to catch the evolution of Diesel as an artist’s ever-expanding horizon as he and his band roll out ‘Sunset Suburbia’.





Mark Lizotte – lead vocals/lead guitar
Richie Vez – bass guitarist/vocal
Lee Moloney – Drums

2015, 2019