Ezra Tide

Ezra Tide

Formed in Mid-2018, Ezra Tide are a 4-Piece Rock Band from Perth with their own sound and modern twist. They are bringing back a taste of the “Old School” sounds with their own unique arrangements, catchy lyrics and Riffs. Whilst they’re all extremely talented in their own fields, everything blends perfectly to create a tight, smooth sound, which is the driving force behind the foundations of their music like the Debut Single “Bad Thoughts”, released in May 2019. With Nick Gray (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), Jace Daniel (Drums), Kai Williamson (Lead Guitar), and Ben Bulla (Bass / Backing Vocals) their collaboration is One of a Kind! They have had rapid local success around Perth with regular gigs at some of the most commonly known Live Music Venues such as The Rosemount Hotel, Mojo’s Bar, Indian Ocean Hotel, Sewing Room and many more. Taking every opportunity as they come!


Perth – Western Australia


Nick Gray – lead vocals, guitar
Kai Williamson – lead guitar
Finn Pearson – bassist, backing vocals
Jace Daniels – drums