Jack Royale and The Hotshot Playboys

Jack Royale and The Hotshot Playboys

Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce our protagonists…

Battle scarred, ruggedly handsome, veterans of a dozen or so campaigns, Jack Royale and his more than adequately named Hotshot Playboys are your one way ticket to Rhythm and Blues central!

To protect the innocent, our heroes have elected to use their (frankly ridiculous) “Industry” names. So. Without further ado …

Jack Royale, on guitar and vocals, cut his teenage teeth on the R&B pub rock scene in 70s England before discovering Punk.  The Cortinas played souped up Chuck Berry, in the style of Dr Feelgood, and went on to write and record one of the first Punk singles to be released. A few years later he joined the Clash, toured the known world, and recorded their last album, Cut The Crap… His first love has always been the R&B and Rock ’n’ Roll of the 40s and 50s, and here he is – banging it out!

Rusty McMahan, long time stalwart on the Perth scene, well known for his incendiary work with Peter Busher and The Lone Rangers, The New Egyptian Kings (with Jack), The Roadmasters and The Hiltones, as well as Mudd in the UK.

Stiffy Beach, drummer for The Jackals, Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs, Carus Thompson. Widely travelled, recorded – and probably the most ridiculously named (after, in part, a three-legged dog…) member of the combo!

Big Mickey London – “Leave it Aaahhhtttt!” Guitarist extraordinaire, Mickey began his illustrious career in Th UK, playing with Frank Ifield, Box Car Willie and Johnny Russel. He supported some of country music’s greats, including Joe Ely, Emmylou Harris and Randy Travis. After moving to WA (to escape the clutches of Her Majesties Police, we believe…) Mickey Has slung hash with Kevin Bloody Wilson, The High Rollin’ Rhythm Kings, The Lone Rangers and… “Too many To Remember!”  He’s a hard man. Hard but fair.

The Evil Petless – a man so evil he never had a pet as a child! Bass player for The Bopcats, The Silent Type, The Never Never, The Bayou Brothers, The Lone Rangers, The Roadmasters and more Rockabilly bands than you can throw a stick at. It’s always the quiet ones …

These guys have been playing together since 2001, with regular spots at the Mustang Bar, Clancy’s Fremantle, The Norfolk Hotel, The Hilton Bowling Club and Perth Blues Club.

Their set list covers Jump Blues, R&B, Rock and Roll and artists as diverse as Johnny Guitar Watson, Bob Dylan and Led Zepplin. Jack says “We take the fabric of life itself, Cosmic American Music, tear it up, re-arrange it and stitch it back together – before your eyes!”

Seriously – they all met when Nick (Jack) sat in with the rest of the guys at a Mustang Bar gig. Their regular singer Peter Busher was away, and so the arrangement continued, and grew to become a knockout bar band, playing a wide range of styles, all with an intensity and verve not normally associated with the genre. We’ve been playing together ever since, and have developed a varied and eclectic set list and energetic live show, which never fails to excite their audience, and promote wild energetic movement. Hopefully in time with the music…

Jack Royale and The Hotshot Playboys

Jack Royale (aka Nick Sheppard) – guitar, vocals
Rusty McMahon (aka Pete Stone) – piano, vocals
Big Mickey London (aka John Short) – guitar
The Evil Petless (aka Phil Morgan) – bass