Jamaica Scream

Jamaica Scream

Jamaica Scream is the brainchild of front man guitarist, singer songwriter and entertainer at heart Dom Muscedere …

Dom started playing classical guitar at the age of 9 but was soon inspired by the devilish sounds of The King ‘Elvis’ then found the Beatles and later in his teens, rock n roll was born through Deep Purple, Led Zepplin, Status Quo and other rock bands of the 70s.

At 14, Dom joined what was to become well-known Perth band No Exit touring country WA and Perth venues for 7 years, with a mix of originals and covers. They supported huge concert bands such as The Boys, The Jets, Fingerprints and many more. In later years, Dom went on to play in other bands such as The Chosen Few, Shot-Gun (with Tyron Coates now of the Bombers) meeting current keyboardist & drummer in Easily Distracted.

From an early age, Dom developed a passion for song writing & today his personal album is filled with a modest number of ballads, rock & blues, inspiring audiences around the country. He has been featured on National Radio stations playing MAD FOR YOU & SEE IT IN MY EYES with more original songs featured on Jamaica Screams’ debut album ON THE EDGE… about to be released late 2021… when he’s performing IS DOM IS GOOD 🙂

John Faz keyboardist / pianist has been playing since he was seven (7) as well as in recent years dabbling in drums & guitar (we just know deep down he wishes he had an axe in hand). Musical influences and favourites include Thirsty Merc, Foo Fighters, Living End, Maroon 5, INXS, Marcus Miller and appreciates local muso Vdelli. Faz has played in various bands over a number of years including past band, Easily Distracted with Dom.

Chris Ellyard has been playing drums since the age of 10, starting out in school band productions. He has played around the Perth music scene with several bands, but most notably with Dom & John in Easily Distracted. He cites Alan Sandow of Sherbet as his earliest influence on drums and loves 70’s and 80’s music. Chris says there is nothing as good as when you play live and you can FEEL the vibe off stage in the audience as they swing to the beat.

Jaime Page is a heavy rock and metal guitarist from Perth, WA. Jaime is a very experienced player who carries a reputation as one of Perth’s best lead guitarists. Her fluid playing style has graced the stage with many great bands, including seminal rock legends Trilogy. Jaime has also collaborated with Cozy Powell (Rainbow/Black Sabbath/Whitesnake) and Mr Brian May (Queen) YES that is correct… on the track Resurrection from Brian’s ‘Back To The Light’ album.

Our 5th member of JS is our brilliant funky Bass player Dave Kell. Dave says, “I was supposed to get a piano for my 9th birthday, instead all I got was a lousy acoustic guitar! I practiced that guitar every single day, then bought an electric guitar & joined my first band at age 13 as Lead guitarist. At 14, I discovered my soul instrument & switched to a 4x string Bass and have never looked back. So it’s all about the BASS man … my early influences were The Angels, Deep Purple, Led Zep, but truly I love anything with a good bass riff which I try to incorporate into Jamaica Scream. Production of the debut album has been an awesome experience pushing my personal boundaries even further. I love playing in front of a large, receptive crowd and often we enjoy the natural highs from our loyal fan base we have affectionately coined our ‘Official Screamers’ … but more so I am really digging Jamaica Scream working with Dom again whom I have known from my early teens.”


Perth – Western Australia, Australia

Jamaica Scream

Dom Muscedere – guitar, vocals
John Faz – keyboards
Chris Ellyard – drums
Jaime Page – guitar
Dave Kell – bass

2019, 2021X