Kelly Auty

Kelly Auty

Kelly Auty will be offering 2 great shows over the weekend, in company with Boris Conley playing piano, Rob Hornbuckle on bass and drummer Nick Carrafa, all fine singers laying down great harmonies. Crowds need no encouragement to join in the festivities.

Kelly’s Blues …

Kelly Auty offers something old, new, borrowed and blue in her Blue Women show, a journey through her-story of renowned female singers of the twentieth century. We begin in the 1920’s and wind up in the here and now with songs, stories and fashions from trailblazing performers who paved the way for the brilliant women singers treading the boards today.

Kelly takes the audience on an inspirational passionate journey – come with Kelly’s Blues on an unforgettable trip down memory lane.

Kelly Gospel Hour …

Kelly is known for her passionate dynamic shows and her easy rapport with her audience, with her Gospel Hour bringing people to their feet in a hand clapping, dancing, singing, foot stomping kind of way!

Rollicking gospel, acapella, spine tingling ballads with a whole lot of shaking going on … be ready to be sanctified!!


Melbourne – Victoria, Australia


Kelly Auty

Kelly Auty – vocals
Boris Conley – pianist
Rob Hornbuckle – bass
Nick Carrafa – drums