Lost Dog

Lost Dog

Lost Dog has been pumping out an epic range of music, including some rock and blues classics. Although primarily a cover band, Lost Dog has recently been writing and performing its own originals.

The lineup consists of Scottie with solid vocals and ambiance keyboard sound, Brett with shredding lead and melodic rhythm guitar, Gilbert with strong underlying low-end bass lines, and Andrew with fast fills and smashing percussion. Diverse influences permeate the band and drive its inspiration.

The band has performed at hotels/pubs, wineries/breweries, community events and private functions. They adapt their music to suit any venue, event, or audience.

Lost Dog music is unapologetically rocking and the punters only get a break between sets … stay tuned and stay connected!


Albany – Western Australia, Australia


Lost Dog

Scottie – vocals, keyboard
Brett – guitar
Gilbert – bass
Andrew – drums