Martin Lee Cropper

Martin Lee Cropper

Martin Lee Cropper is a songwriter with a passion for old blues and a desire to preserve and re-energise the regional guitar styles of the masters and creators of the country blues tradition. A rural lifestyle in the hills of Bridgetown and an 18 year obsession studying, learning and teaching a broad spectrum of traditional blues guitar styles has resulted in the writing of a significant body of new blues that Martin calls Bridgetown Hill Country Blues. Playing National Reso-Phonic guitars Martin pays homage to the early Delta and Texas blues masters and carries their styles forward to create his own brand of distinctive old school blues.

A must see act for lovers of country blues. He will take you on a journey from Texas through the Mississippi Delta, clean across the hill country which gave birth to Piedmont fingerpicking – a guitar style which found it’s ultimate expression on the east coast. His songs are an authentic celebration of the African-Americans’ greatest gift to the world … The Blues.


Bridgetown – Western Australia, Australia


Martin Lee Cropper

Martin Lee Cropper – vocals, national guitars