Martin Lee Cropper

Martin Lee Cropper is a songwriter with a passion for old blues and a desire to preserve and re-energise the regional guitar styles of the masters and creators of the country blues tradition. He’s spent the last 18 years learning the guitar styles of the old country blues masters of the 20’s & 30’s and using these techniques to write his own traditional blues – a significant body of new blues which he refers to as his Bridgetown Hill Country Blues – reflecting his life and times living in the hills south of town.

A must-see act for lovers of country blues – he is passionate about his craft and plays his tunes with flair and energy on his beautiful National Reso-Phonic Guitars. He will take you on a journey from Texas through the Mississippi Delta, clean across the hill country which gave birth to Piedmont fingerpicking, a guitar style which found its ultimate expression on the east coast. His songs are an authentic celebration of the African-Americans’ greatest gift to the world … The Blues.

Martin has spent the last year making new friends everywhere he plays – check him out and find out why.


Bridgetown – Western Australia, Australia


Martin Lee Cropper

Martin Lee Cropper – vocals, national guitars

2014, 2015, 2016, 2017