Mister and Sunbird

Mister and Sunbird

Mister and Sunbird turn their bellows onto the glowing embers at the heart of 20th Century music and bring forth a kaleidoscopic blaze of song. They breathe life into a wild range of roots – dirty blues, vintage swing, rock n roll, ecstatic latin and ska grooves. Their carnivalesque live shows have filled dance floors and drawn great acclaim around Australia and overseas.

The band’s diversity is born of a union between Scott Kocuiruba’s voodoo folk act – “Mister” and Dave Lawrence’s dirty blues inspired “Sunbird”. The band have already toured Australia and Europe, including mind-blowing shows at West Coast Blues and Roots Festival, Southbound and Woodford Folk Festival, established a fine second home in Barcelona and received airplay on JJJfm, JTV, RTRfm, Radio National and 720am.

They have just finished recording their new record due for release in October 2014.


Perth – Western Australia, Australia



Dave Lawrence – vocals, rhodes piano, guitar
Scott Kociuruba – vocals, Percussion, drums, guitar
Jay Pyefinch – bass
Damian Denyer – saxaphone
Daniel Depaolo – drums