Behold, five of the ugliest surviving males of the blues-infected species! Each more hideous than the next, only to be let out at night, often to their own Albany Blues Club, where they drink, yell, dance and sing, possessed by the demons that drive their continuous obsession with the blues.

The bearded giant Rev bellows into his spit-soaked mike, then slaps his sweaty hairy belly in perfect shuffle time.
The Stump strangles his hapless Strat, while the Ex-Man executes yet another axe. ‘The Hoff’, David Hasselhöfner, hassles the BeJeezus out of his bass, while Pawl pulverizes his poor old drums.

Between them, they’ve been fired by many a famous band, The Bondi Cigars, The Bearded Clams, The Freeloaders, Southern Exposure, Lizard in a Bottle, The Oafs, Pinstripe … (the list is endless!)

Formerly, the house band at the Albany Blues Club , they’ve backed the likes of Annie Neil, Shirley Smith, Glen Terry, Rick Steele and anyone else venturing far enough down south without a map or back-up plan!


Albany – Western Australia, Australia



Lez Karski – guitar, vocals
Tony King – bass
Geoff Waldeck – vocals
Kim McCutcheon – guitar
Paul Meyers – drums