Nyanda J

Nyanda J

Born in Hong Kong, hailing from the Philippines, raised in Perth and now residing in Bridgetown, Jessica Nyanda Moyle otherwise known as ‘Nyanda J’ has always thrived off constant change and movement. But be it an open mic night in Shoreditch, an underground club in Greenwich New York, a basement in Paris or the humble hometown Cidery, one thing has always remained constant; her avid passion for music. Drawing upon a wide array of influences from Roy Orbison to Slint; her music combines Pop-orientated melodies, ever-changing strumming patterns with a raw, visceral vocal delivery. Once a classically trained pianist, once the lead singer of the short-lived, dark folk act ‘The Painted Bird’. Today she chooses to express herself as a solo singer-songwriter, still performing around Perth and the South-West but now armed with only her stories and a secondhand Tanglewood.


Bridgetown – Western Australia, Australia


Jessica Nyanda Moyle – vocals, guitar