Formed from the remnants of three musicians in their extraordinarily late thirties, fencing wire, gaffa tape, a selection of vinyl records, a few electrical components, and some repurposed timber, OFFGRID are very much the sum of their parts. And even though some of their parts no longer function as well as they once did, they are bound together by their enthusiasm for great blues, and rock ‘n roll. Along with a not inconsiderable quantity of surgical tape.

These tres hombres have amassed more musical history between them than many orchestras. Particularly school orchestras with not many members, and little playing experience. But almost certainly more musical history than the average boy band. Individually, they’ve played in thousands, if not dozens, of countries worldwide, and between them, have probably made more recordings than the FBI.

So, just who are these fascinating, and entirely intriguing musicians, you ask, enquiringly?

Well, beginning with the tub thumping, and generally percussive bits, we have the incredible Mr. Steve Brooks, a veteran of numerous lineups, involving some of the very best in the business. And deservedly so. Brooksy, despite being one of the nicest guys in the game, is an absolute monster behind the kit. And as a bonus, he keeps the median vintage of the band members down to middle aged…

In charge of all things deep, and occasionally meaningful, along with less than his fair share of vocal duties, is the master of the Fender five string, Greg Thomson. Along with Pavlova, Crowded House, Lamingtons, Phar Lap, and Rick Steele, Greg is another import from the land of the long white cloud, that we gleefully claim as an Aussie, and one with plenty of pedigree. Having spent decades on the local music scene, with a huge array of bands, GT is certainly one of the most admired, and respected bass players around.

Moving on from the sublime to the ridiculous, at the blunt end of this triangle, and in defiance of medical science, we have the artist formerly known as whatsisname, Tony Shergold. Shergold, a songwriter, guitarist, and what certain cultures might describe as a vocalist, has played and recorded with a wealth of musicians around the globe. He has also annoyed many of them, with his boundless and pointless trivia, dreadful jokes, and his insistence upon correcting poor grammar.

Yet, despite their individual peculiarities, OFFGRID combine to produce a sound that says more about their passion for blues based rock ‘n roll, than any made up bio ever could. They perform material from yesteryear, todayear, and even tomorrowyear. And all with at least one foot in the Blues, and some with several yards in it.

Definitely not the average white band… Rolling Stone

Get out and see them while they’re still alive… NME

Don’t leave your valuables in your car… RAC


Tony Shergold
Greg Thompson
Ian Ironside