Old Gray Mule

Old Gray Mule

Old Gray Mule is a two-man North Mississippi Hill Country and Raw Electric blues-wrecking machine. With seven critically acclaimed albums in their catalogue, Old Gray Mule embodies that old school blues ethic: “Keep it simple. It’s for dancing yall.” OGM’s live shows are straight up Mississippi style juke joint dance parties, with a lot of back and forth with the crowd, girls on stage dancing, and folks sweating out the bad stuff. The fella’s only goal for a performance is for the crowd to go home happy and tired!

They’ve toured Australia several times since 2011 playing festivals, theaters, and pub dates. The festivals include: Adelaide Fringe Festival, Blues On Broadbeach Music Festival, Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival, and Backwater Blues & Roots Festival.

They’ve also recieved glowing reviews, for both their album and live shows – in Rolling Stone, Rhythms Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald, as well as in local Australian publications and online.

“The duo sounded like a full blues band in very good form, Wilbur’s kick drum and Humphrey’s right thumb providing all the bass the songs required. No guitar heroics were offered or needed as the pair led us through swampy mangroves, we tramped the Mississippi Delta and into Texas. … What an extraordinary gig … This was a marvellous, marvellous show.” • Ray Smith, Broadway World

“Old Gray Mule consists of guitarist CR Humphrey and drummer JJ Wilburn from Texas and Mississippi respectively. Their brand of Mississippi blues got the house warmed up” • Tracey Korsten, Glam Adelaide

“Opening with a swampy tribute to RL Burnside, Texans Old Gray Mule – aka CR Humphrey (guitars, vocals) and JJ Wilburn (drums, vocals) – set the tone with a cranking set of country and electrified southern blues. Great sound quality in the historic venue delivered fine bluesy rhythms from these fun guys. A determined few physically yielded to the infectious grooves despite an unfavourable room layout.” • Chris Lambie, Rhythms Magazine


Lockhart – Texas, USA



Charles R Humphrey – guitar, vocals
CW Ayon – drums, vocals