Rick Steele’s and the Hot Biscuit Band

A pair of hand crafted boots, the tinted Lennonesque glasses, the trademark voice, the whiskey town harp, the grand canyon repertoire, he’s the son of a preacher man dubbed Perth’s grandfather of blues. He has chalked up 69 years on the planet and on the eve of his 10,000th show, Rick Steele isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, continuing to tour and perform constantly.

You gotta have a plan … ingenuity, that’s the chronicle of musician Rick Steele, a raconteur whose musical baptism of fire has been a life spent as a purveyor of music. There’s no mistaking it, when Steele takes to the stage there’s an undeniable warmth, a familiarity right off the bat. With his own brand of showmanship, he’s established himself as somewhat of an institution.

With four solo albums, several singles, nominations for country performer of the Year and regular appearances in Switzerland , Singapore, literally every town in Western Australia and home town New Zealand, Rick Steele is an act not to be missed. With his wealth of entertainment industry experience, he is one of the most charismatic and amiable characters in the business. With a set of vocal chords to match his name and with his countless humorous stories and observations of life, he is an evening’s entertainment in his own right.

Don’t miss this truly international act.


Perth – Western Australia, Australia


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