Sgt. Hulka

Sgt. Hulka

Sgt. is an abbreviation for Sergeant. Hulka. Kirsty Hulka received the nickname Sgt. Hulka after a 1980’s movie character. After many years of playing in other local original bands around Perth, Kirsty Hulka (Sgt. Hulka) decided to front her own band under that very nickname. As a classically trained pianist and lifelong singer, Kirsty creates a unique style of Alternative-piano-pop. Gaining inspiration from other piano pop legends such as; Regina Spector, Ben Folds, Jerri Lee Lewis and a little bit of Elton John, her music evokes a great deal of nostalgia paired with quirky and catchy melodies and a lot of sass.

Since exploding back into the scene, Sgt. Hulka have played Fremantle’s Hidden Treasures Winter Music Festival, RTRfm’s Harbour Sunday’s, Karnidale circus fest, Mordialloc Food and Wine Festival (Vic) and Perth Festival Highway to Hell. At the end of 2019, Sgt. Hulka received a place in the grand final for Listen Up! Music’s songwriting competition in Sydney for her song ‘Warrior’. Sgt. Hulka was one of 10 artists from around Australia to perform in the grand final for songs that share a common theme of mental health.

Warrior is a song that aims to bring to light that vulnerability is bravery; you don’t have strong all the time, you don’t have to be a warrior, it’s O.K. to not be O.K.

In mid 2020, Kirsty gave birth to her first child, but this didn’t stop her releasing music. When her baby was only 8 weeks old, she released a rather contrasting tempo that spotlights Kirsty’s piano and vocal ability. ‘With No Light’ was recorded live at Sundown studios in early June when Kirsty was 38 weeks pregnant! The power vocal track is about taking control. At a time when the world needs everyone to step up, this song negates the idea to do nothing, say nothing, ignore, hide under covers and wait for it to all go away. Just like plant’s need light to grow (YEAH! Science), hiding away in the dark won’t allow you to grow.

After a string of shows throughout 2020/2021, Sgt. Hulka is releasing her latest singleFallen Trees. It’s a song about the idea that we all have the capacity to decide our future. We can’t change the past but we can remap our lives and live for the future. Prior to writing this song, Kirsty was struggling with her mental health. She felt she had no way out and was spiralling down very fast. Instead of succumbing to the black dog, she bought some hiking shoes and embarked on her first solo hike on the Bibbulmun Track. It was here that she noticed a lot of Fallen Trees. The cause of these collapsed trees will forever be a mystery but what she noticed was at every fallen tree there was a new growth either side. It was here she found the inspiration for the song Fallen Trees. “I can change the future but I cannot change the past”.

Sgt. Hulka is a charismatic performer who holds an audience in the palm of her hand. She can have you bursting out laughing or crying into your beer. Her fingers effortlessly glide across the ivories while her vocals belt and soar above the band.


Sgt. Hulka

Kirsty Hulka (Sgt. Hulka) – vocals
Tim Marshall – drums
Anthony Eagleton – bass
Melissa Taylor – backing vocals
Alexis Naylor – backing vocals
Willem Leiftink – guitar
James Sewell – saxophone