South West Blues Club

South West Blues Club

The South West Blues Club was founded in 2006 and has been a significant force in the South West music scene. For over a decade it has bought a number of high quality international and national blues acts to the region. The focus of the club has increasingly been towards fostering the development and appreciation of live music amongst music lovers and local talent. The monthly Jam Session held at the Parade Hotel in Bunbury, on the third Sunday of each month, is now the largest regular blues jam session in Western Australia.

As part of Blues at Bridgetown the club is pleased to present a showcase of local blues talent.

The club’s stipulated mission is to Keep the Blues Alive. The Club avidly encourages musicians to pick up their musical love and reconnect with their passion. There are as many as eight bands and musician collaborations within the membership, which also continues to grow. If you would like to know more about the Club then check out their Facebook Page or their Website.


Parade Hotel, Bunbury
Western Australia, Australia

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