The Tommyhawks

The Tommyhawks

The Tommyhawks are 4 girls who love nothing more than getting together for a good dose of dirty blues, a laugh, and a cold ale on a hot summers night in Perth.

Addison ‘Axe’ Axe (Axegirl/boys boys boys) met Vanessa Thornton (Jebediah) back on 2012 and the two hit it off ferociously, writing and performing from day dot as a duo around Perth and Axe’s hometown of London. Deciding that four was probably only going to double the fun, Jessica June Harris and Thea Woodward came on board in February 2014 … and Tommyhawks as a four were born!

With their first gig as a four piece in March this year they hit the ground running; playing at the Rosemount, the Oddfellow, Xwray, Yayas, the Velvet Lounge, 459 bar, State of the Art festival, and the Indi bar … and that’s just up until June!

They come to Bridgetown full of more collective energy than a bunch of year ones on excursion to the zoo – so be prepared for raw passionate vocals, deliciously melodic bass which is more in the pocket than your grannies hankie and some sultry sax to top it off.


Perth – Western Australia, Australia



Addison ‘Axe’ Axe – vocals, guitar, banjo
Vanessa Thornton – bass
Jessica June Harris – drums
Thea Woodward – sax