Whiskey Nips

Whiskey Nips

Like a good Nip of Whiskey, The Blues eventually needs to be drunk. It’s been bottled up for years and now the shots are on us. This rich tapestry of blues is blended from single riffs from the dirty South with hints of pure notes from the Highlands. Come and get your shot of the Blues.

Kirsty Finn.
A single malt that has been busting to jump out of the bottle and deliver strong flavoursome rich vocal notes to delight your senses.

Andrew Pring Aka “Blew Drew”
A blended infusion from an eclectic mix of influences. Inspired by Blue Shaddy and Jean Guy Lumiere. Drew has taken his interpretation of the blues and given it a twist with some trademark effects to sweeten the taste. Has been mixed with Michael Franti, Jeff Martin, Minni Marks, Hussy Hicks and is a long term member of Dilip ‘n the Davs.

Daniel Wiggins.
Esteemed for his virtuosic guitar playing and enigmatic song writing, Wiggins has gained notoriety across WA as both a prolific solo artist (releasing 7 albums since 2016), and as former member of WAM award-winning band, Dilip ‘n the Davs.

Jonathan Redmond
Has been playing bass in local scenes in Perth and Detroit. He has previously played with Tim Minchin, Joey Gaydos Snr (Mugsy, Weapons), Joey Gaydos Jnr (School of Rock), Matty T Wall and Moondog Jay. He currently lives, works and grooves in Fremantle.

Adrien Grd.
Not much is known about this mysterious drummer who wandered into the studio and started hitting things with sticks. We believe he originated from somewhere in the South Pacific.


Whiskey Nips

The Whiskey Nips are: Kirsty Finn – vocals
Andrew Pring – harmonica, slide
Daniel Wiggins – guitar
Jonathan Redmond – bass
Adrien Grd – drums